Our Training Programs


Upon due registration, our Service Providers are invited for Induction/Orientation training. This program covers General Job Ethics, Professional conducts, Business relationship and Discipline. Its aim is to orientate  registrants to understand general code of ethics as may be required in the course of discharging their services. This may be apparent in their interaction, social relationship, business outlook and understanding of the vision, mission, aims and objectives, mode of operations and other requisite on the job demands.

Meanwhile, this phase is tailored around proficient evaluation; which is usually done by our corporate consultants in the registered field of a service provider. Candidates who are able to proof their practical proficiency are automatically integrated on PRS Platform as SERVICE PROVIDERS and thus issued certificate of proficiency.

It is usually scheduled for new entrants.


Proficiency training is a periodic, but continuous PRS Practical Education Program (PPEP) designed for upgrading our Service Providers and in order to make them remain relevant , competent and up-to-date in their skills and professional practice. Its curriculum is fashioned in such a way that it is segmented according to each field and anchored by high profile companies and individuals who we have engaged as our training and technical consultants. It is principally obliged to enhance knowledge and expertise of its participants in their respective chosen careers.

PT is a part of the mandatory scheme to ensure that our Service Providers remain proficient at all time.