About Us

Proficiency and Rapid Service Afrika (PRS) is a service access gateway and a trading hub for project materials and tools which are in accordance with the requirements of the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). Our mode of operation includes both the online and offline approach.

Besides registrations, some parts of our training programs, placement of order for services and materials and interactive communication between our staff, service providers and service subscribers are done online through the internet. Other trainings, supervisions, assessments and post project evaluations are done face to face.

While our online activities are carried out through the PRS website, we are physically present in our offices, service sites, client or PRS subscriber’s comfort location(s) or any other place considered appropriate by both parties.

We equally ensure proficient service delivery through our strict adherence to professional standards, internal expertise of our staff and the promptness of our consultants across various fields of our service delivery.


Our vision is to become the best professional service delivery gateway in Africa by 2030.


Our mission is to administer a proficient gateway for human services and qualitative delivery assurance for maximum and mutual satisfaction of our registered service providers, accredited merchants and service subscribers; while enforcing risk management policies.


Our official colors are Blue, Green and Gold.

  • Blue – Assurance of Good Service Relationship
  • Green –  Proficient Productivity
  • Gold – High Quality and Value

Our objectives are to:

  1. Eliminate and manage risks including but not limited to project mal-handling, scamming, incompleteness and desertion between Service Providers (SP) and Service Subscribers (SS).
  2. Bring potential service providers together with their prospective service subscribers.
  3. Break the barrier of distrust in service delivery.
  4. Encourage professional norms and discipline for SP and reciprocal response from subscribers.
  5. Train regular service providers on professional ethics and how to manage good business relationship and behavior.
  6. Provide subscribers with affordable, high quality and trustworthy services at their convenient time and place.
  7. Promote quality and efficient service delivery through high level recommendation, incentive, rewards and awards to our outstanding service providers and service subscribers.
  8. Provide secured mode of financial transaction for project done through reliable payment gateways.
  9. Foster efficient marketing platform for our service providers and accredited merchants.
  10. Ensure prompt response from service providers to the need of their apt Service Subscribers.
  11. Perform any other aim and objective as a result of addition or alteration or modification by the Chief Executive Officer, PRS Board of Directors, Managing Director or any competent authority by appropriate resolution.